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One of the missions of Nation to Nation is to advance nursing profession and create internationally accredited nursing programs. Address issues facing nurses and healthcare facilities (job satisfaction and retention) and foster collaboration among nurse leaders, healthcare professionals and industry.

Our ability to utilize clinical and research facilities in the Ukraine, and some of the best educational tools developed in the United States (distance learning technologies), will provide quality education and advance of the next generation of leaders in nursing. N2N School of Nursing will allow those who desire to enter a nursing profession, a chance to move forward with their career. For those who have had shortcomings in the past will conduct individual tutoring and guarantee their academic success. Healthcare facilities in the U.S. will increase numbers of permanent nurses without compromising nursing workforce of other nations. Hospital employees will have an opportunity to advance through our program- resulting in increased motivation, job satisfaction, and retention (which at present cripples US healthcare system).

Our management strongly believes that the United States does not have to depend on foreign specialists to constantly supplement increasingly growing demand for healthcare professionals. On the contrary, the U.S. needs to be self-sufficient, but in the time of critical need they must utilize international frameworks to train American students. America has always relied on private enterprise as a backbone for practical solutions. Our ideas today will open doors for those who where turned away and increase nursing staff numbers within few years.

About us
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